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We have the best trained specialists of the regional storage and transshipment market. We believe the professionalism of our personnel is the key factor to our Company’s continued leadership in oil and gas storage and logistic business

We believe in developing partnerships and aspire to be the preferred partner for professional storage and logistic services.

KMV-LOGISTIC has been active in tank storage logistics, and is one of the largest independent operators of tank terminals for oils, chemicals and gases worldwide. We foster an entrepreneurial spirit with a decentralised management structure, and a can-do mentality by empowering people to make the right decisions. We care for our people by helping them develop the right skills and capabilities, and offer continuous training to achieve the best possible results. We pursue continuous improvement of assets and workflows through collaboration and exchange of ideas with internal and external stakeholders add value to all parties.


KMV-LOGISTIC work in great partnership with Rotterdam  port and Houston Fuel Oil Terminal for leasing/rent services and the storage of petroleum products such as Crude Oil, Waste, Other, Petroleum, Gasoline, Gasoil / Diesel, Fuel Oil, Naphtha. Tank ranges from 399m3 to 63594 m3 and access mode for transportation such as Sea, Rail, Road, Pipeline, Barge. All tanks comply with EU Standards (ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001, CE) and GOST Standards and/or other International standards. 


Kmv-logistic dominates one third of domestic crude oil transportation market share servicing for major domestic Oil Companies in Netherlands. As a national strategic resources, we transport crude oil based on long-term contract with safety in mind service. Our chartering team works very closely with owners and clients to secure the optimal ship need to meet clients’ requirements. We offer both short and long-term charters of offshore support vessels. Continuous safe operations build our company as a “reliable transportation partner”


kmv-logistic operates Storage, a 235-kilometre gas pipeline with an hourly capacity of 20,600,000 kWh/h (Forward Flow, NL -> GB) between Balgzand in the Netherlands and Bacton in Great Britain and an hourly capacity of 7,000,000 kWh/h. With gas flowing to and from the Netherlands to Great Britain, kmvlogistic increases the GB’s supply security, strengthens the position of the Netherlands as a leading European gas player, supports the integration of the European gas market, and connects the TTF with the NBP hub. 

safety and precaution

We Focus On

Safety Leadership

Our Company is committed to performing all business activities in a safe and efficient manner.

Environmental Protection

We make every effort to protect the environment as we conduct our business activities.

Operational Excellence

We pursue continuous improvement of assets and workflows through collaboration and exchange of ideas with internal and external stakeholders add value to all parties.

Human Resources

kmv-logistic involves a broad range of qualifications, skills and expertise. We employ the best talents.


we are the best at storage and shipping sector

Premium Storage and Logistic

Chemicals Storage

We offer storage tanks and chemical tanks in a vast array of sizes, shapes and capacities to meet all your commercial needs.

Petroleum and Gas Storage

Facilities for loading and unloading petroleum products at the refineries and the maritime terminals


We are proud of our ability of managing our clients in order to solve their most complicated issues.

Storage of other liquids

We offer wide experience in storage liquids of corrosive or toxic nature.


Supplying of fuel for use by ships including the logistics of loading and distributing.

Freight and Transportation

No matter the size of your goods, the we provides you with individual and flexible transport solutions for groupage