sea freight

kmvlogistic Sea transport provides safe and wide scale cargo deliveries on long distances within a wide geography transportation Sea Freight combining low level of transport costs and possibility to ship the different type of goods ( general cargo temperature controlled and dangerous goods , oversized and heavy car to significant vessel capacity transport is most expedient mode of transport for delivery quantities of goods in intercontinental Transportation We offer a full array of freight forwardin transportation Services to meet the most demandino Shipping requirements Whatever the de deliver your animados borders across continents and across are not show Word caroly will an extensive portfolio of global came to provide bucuron Wellsolution 24/7 to calculate sea U V W tent dans worldwide Tomrids of the odd department to provide op when the store

Chemical Storage

Get maximum durability at the lowest price with poly storage tanks . We offer storage tanks and chemical tanks in a vast array of sizes, shapes and capacities to meet all your commercial needs. Styles include plastic vertical chemical tanks, plastic cone bottom tanks, horizontal poly chemical storage tanks, chemical processing tanks, double wall chemical tanks, fuel storage tanks, potable water storage tanks, chemical transport tanks and many more. These plastic tanks are used for a variety of liquid storage applications and are extremely versatile.


kmvlogistic complexes are well equipped for receiving and transshipment of petroleum products. The tankfarm has 30 tanks with the total capacity of 237,530 m3 for light and dark oil products.


frequently asked question

please beware of any suspicious mail or call from people claiming to be kmvlogistic staff or board of member if its not coming from the official domain

kmvlogistic have been in the oil storage and shipping sector for over a decade now and has enough experience for successful deal without hazel.

kmvlogistic has three major means of transportion 

  1. vessel/shiping 
  2. railway/train
  3. land/truck

kmvlogistic has different tank size and range so as the price and it’s affordable 

kmvlogistic steal tanks are durable to contain large product without damages or contamination . and if by an unfortunate incident damage occurs kmvlogistic will take full responsibility and cost of product