In August 2021, KMVLOGISTIC. was registered and incorporated as: BV “Storage ” (“A Storage and Logistics Company”). KMVLOGISTIC. is a Netherland Сompany operating a Class 1 storage and blending facility for gasoline, gasoline components, and bio fuels with c.342,500m³ gross capacity across 29 storage tanks located in Rotterdam. This terminal is very flexible. As well as gasoline, gasoline components and bio fuels, it can also handle crude oil, naphtha, gas oil, heating oil, diesel, and/or bulk & liquid cargo. It only supply and stores petroleum product(s) that comply with EU Standards and/or International standards, as well as EURO 4/5/5+. KMVLOGISTIC. was commissioned for app. 88,500m3 in Q4 of 2012 and app. 342,500m3 in Q4 2019 and has three dedicated jetties with a maximum draft of 14 meters. It’s flexible manifold makes it a highly suitable blending terminal. Our partnership with Houston port and Houston Fuel Oil Terminal for leasing/rent services and the storage of petroleum products such as Crude Oil, Waste, Other, Petroleum, Gasoline, Gasoil / Diesel, Fuel Oil, Naphtha. Tank ranges from 399m3 to 63594 m3 and access mode for transportation such as Sea, Rail, Road, Pipeline, Barge. With decade of history on sustainability, KMVLOGISTIC. provides and ensures its customers with safe, efficient and clean tanks for the reception and storage of oil products. It has a network of private tank storages for fuels and blends in strategic locations in Rotterdam and Bleiswejk and our partnership in Russia – primorsk region and America – Houston port

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our mission is to bring efficient and hazel free shipping and storage of chemical and petroleum product. Your satisfaction is our outmost priority


Our vision is to laminate oil storage scam and make the market safe for real buyers and sellers . at the same time making our storage facility available to all sector . we also working on making our facility available in numerous country and region


your satisfaction is our alter most priority. we always try our possible best to give our customer the service worth paying